Home Cooked Meals & Snacks

Enjoy a host of delicious treats at any one of our three centers located in Northwest Florida. At our airport locations, individually wrapped snacks, bagels, donuts and hot coffee are always served. Grab a snack and stick around or throw it in your bag on your way to your flight.

At NAS Pensacola, the volunteers are usually busy at work preparing delicious, homemade items like grilled cheese, pizza bagels, Joe’s famous hash browns and lots more.

If you would like to help our centers with donations of snacks and other supplies, here is a list of our most needed items:

Chips • Pretzels • Chex Mix • Assorted Nuts • Cheez-Its • Peanut butter crackers • Donuts • Granola bars • Fruit snacks • Peanuts • Sunflower seeds • Little Debbie snacks • Danishes • Slim-Jims • Muffins • Pop Tarts • Fruit cups • Candy • Ramen (chicken & beef) • Macaroni & cheese • Chef Boyardee

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