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Susan tells the service members about tea time English history and etiquette!

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Authentic tea cups brought from England.

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A bit of the wide variety of authentic dishes provided!

NAS Pensacola USO hosted an English Tea Party where 70 service members stopped by to enjoy some English tea and treats! Susan, a frequent volunteer of the USO, headed the tea party with help from several other volunteers. There was a vast assortment of sandwiches, quiches, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and of course tea and coffee! Susan and her team began preparing for this months in advance. This event is held quarterly and is something the service members look forward to. Susan kicked off the Tea Party with some history on England and why afternoon tea is a significant part of the English culture. She also taught some tea time etiquette! After everybody enjoyed their food, she quizzed the group on English trivia and gave out Subway gift cards to those who answered correctly. The service members were very appreciative. You simply cannot go wrong with delicious and authentic food!

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