USO Outreach Programs

# Care Package Program: The USO Care Package Program is designed to provide service members with care packages. One of the care packages is a snack pack. The Snack Pack contains a mixture of healthy treats, drink mixes and a collapsible water bottle, and the other care package is a toiletry pack. These are assembled at our headquarters and sent to the centers directly to distribute. Requests are made through USO Northwest Florida.

USO Holiday care package:

This program is designed to bring holiday cheer to Service Members who are not able to be with their loved ones during the holiday. A big box of holiday decorations is sent to remote areas so that service members can still feel that little touch of home no matter how far away they may be.

# Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program In the spirit of Bob Hope and his dedication for bringing military families together, the Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program is largely driven by virtual, on-demand story time offerings that will help the USO extend its reach and connect military families around the globe through reading.

# USO2GO: This program is designed to help more directly support those AORs where USO personnel cannot currently reach to provide the best programs the USO has to offer; including Xbox gaming consoles, portable DVD players, board games, snacks and beverages, recreational equipment, and other entertainment items.

# Military Spouse Networking Event: An empowering military spouse event, connecting spouses socially, professionally, and to community networks. We invite local businesses, organizations, and employers an opportunity to connect to our military spouses. This program is initiated by USO Northwest Florida and is offered in all areas, even if a center is not present.

# Military Spouse Coffee Connections: The USO has supported military spouses for many years and what better way to do so then over a cup of coffee with friends! This small program offers military spouses a chance to connect to other spouses socially, and professionally. This program is initiated by USO Northwest Florida and is offered in all areas, even if a center is not present.

*# Special Delivery Baby Shower: * Free interactive baby shower for expectant military moms. This event is hosted by bestselling author, Heidi Murkoff, author of the book series, “What to Expect”. Lots of games, activities, Lunch and prizes provided. This program is also offered in a smaller version, without the hosting of Heidi Murkoff.

# Operation Phone Home: Provides service members with pre-paid ATT calling cards to stay in touch with their loved ones. Available in the centers or in commands.

# Stronger Families Oxygen Seminars: Stronger Families Oxygen Seminars deliver relationship building to both general active duty and wounded ill and injured service member couples. Focus is on communication and identifying ways to more effectively interact and appreciate one another.

# Transition Support: USO Pathfinder Program: Supports service members and military spouses as they transition from the military into their future communities.

To learn more please visit or contact Senior Operations & Program Manager, Tracey Castillo,, or, Executive Director Dana Cervantes,