What Can You Donate?

Items can be dropped off at any of our five locations in Northwest Florida.

Individually packaged snacks and drinks:

• Assorted chips • Assorted nuts • Crackers • Donuts • Granola bars • Individually wrapped snack cakes • Slim Jim/Beef Jerky • Muffins/Pasties • Pop-tarts • Fruit cups • Assorted candies • Mac n cheese • Chef Boyardee • Bottled water • Variety of canned soda • Fruit juices/V8/orange juice

Frozen and Refrigerated items:

• Hotdogs/hamburgers and buns • Chicken nuggets/chicken wings • Sliced cheeses/shredded cheeses • Butter/milk/creamers • Fruits and vegetables • Frozen waffles • Sausage, bacon, and eggs

Kitchen Supplies/Office Supplies:

• Ziploc bags - all sizes • Clorox wipes • Dish Soap • 13 and 39-gallon trash bags/tall kitchen trash bags • AA & AAA batteries • Holiday decorations/pens • Copy paper

We are unable to accept gift cards of any kind. *We need higher-priced items that are not in our budget, if interested, please contact us for details. *Due to safety protocol, we are unable to accept homemade goods.